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Loan Rates Savings Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 12/2/2014
Checking Account Fees
ACH NSF$30.00/Per Item
Draft NSF$30.00/Per Item
Preferred Checking and WC 55 Checking$10.00/ Per Month if balance falls below minimum balance requirements
Share Draft PrintingPrices may vary depending upon style
Stop Payment$25.00/Request
Other Service Fees
Abused Account Closure$25.00
Account Closure$20.00/ If closed within 3-months (90 days) of opening
Account Reconciliation$20.00/Per Hour after first assistance
Account Research$20.00/Per Hour after first assistance
Account Transfer$5.00/Transfer from Savings to Checking Account to cover NSF
ATM Out of Network Transaction$2.00 for Non-Members
Check Cashing Fee for Non-Members$10.00/Per Item
Collection Fee$25.00
Credit Union Official Check$3.00/Per Item
Deposit Return Item$30.00/Per Item
Fax Fee for Non-Members$5.00/Per Request
History Printout$5.00/Since last statement
Inactive Accounts$25.00/After 1 year then quarterly
Levy/Garnishment Request$75.00
Lien Release Request$25.00
Loan Extension/Holiday Skip Payment$30.00/Per Loan
Loan Late Fee$35.00/After 10 days
Loan Processing Fee$35.00/Per Loan
Mail or Fax Request$5.00/Per Page
Notary Service Fee$5.00 (Free for Members)
Pin Change/Reset$5.00/Per Request
Plastic Card Replacement$5.00/Per Card
Request for Copies$1.00/Per Page
Returned Mail Fee$5.00/Per Item
Share Account Fees$5.00 per withdrawal if more than (6) withdrawals per month
Vehicle Registration or UCC Filing Fee$25.00 if applicable
Share Value
Par Value of One Share$25.00